Bob Odenkirk

  • Show Us Your Pit Stains

    It’s the dog days of summer, but not everyone is in the Hamptons cranking the AC... Some of us have to work. Every August, VICE checks out the most awesome pit stains on the sweaty, hardworking men and women of New York City to find the most beautiful...

  • VICE Endorses Jipson Talmadge

    Jipson Talmadge is a 32-year-old resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, occasional crasher of couches in Manhattan, and VICE's choice for the next mayor of New York City with his plan for an "ALL-BIKE NEW YORK!"

  • The Overtime Secret

    Twenty-nine year old author DODD HIGGINS is a millionaire at 29! He did it all while pursuing his CHOSEN CAREER as an UNPAID INTERN! How did he do it?

  • What're You Into?

    Spring break is here! Anything goes and there's a partner for whatever floats yer boat. All you need to know are THE SIGNALS... What you're putting out there, what you can expect to get back. The Master Baiter is here to fill you in on the specifics of...

  • Hey Dame B, Who Are You Hoping to Bump into During Fashion Week?

    Who attends these fashion shows? I mean, besides the celebs and models? The answer is rich bastards and wealthy old broads, like this month's guest columnist: Dame Ms. Astler-Bancussi-Freitog!

  • Most Neediest Forgotten Charities

    During the holiday season, America's charities are highlighted in the popular media and, hence, deluged with donations. But each year, regardless of the economy or collective good will, some of the neediest of the of the needier needy charities are...

  • Hopelessness

    Bob Odenkirk breaks down the word "hopelessness" in this depressing-ass poem that should be handed out to college students on class registration day. Because with a degree in something like embroidery, you'll be spending the rest of your life wallowing...

  • Syria: Bombs Away

    President Bashar al-Assad and the remaining Syrian leaders want to invite your investment, commerce, and tourism as we say BOMBS AWAY to speculation and development in Syria—"A country exploding with opportunity... and bombs!!"

  • Tell Us About Your Tats!

    Every tattoo tells a story and has a story—that’s two stories per tat! So every month we stop someone on the street and ask them to “tell us ’bout them tats!” This month we stopped Gordon Penniweather in Park Slope, and he filled us in on the story...

  • The Tollbooth of Tomorrow

    By necessity, the New York City of the future will improve on London’s congestion charge of £10 per vehicle with a variety of tolls to reduce traffic and keep it classy.

  • Digital Superstars Summer Fest 2012

    Tupac at Coachella was just the beginning! This summer, the greats of hip-hop and history come to liz-ife! Onstage, the OGs of all-time.

  • A Misbegotten Traipsing

    Sherlock Holmes was really a trigger-happy neighborhood watch member, kind of like George Zimmerman with an obnoxious accent.