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Come to VICE Gaming’s Super Warehouse Party in London, in Collaboration With Joypad

On December 5th we're teaming up with gaming party promoters Joypad for an evening of retro games, indie titles and terrific beats.

Flyer designed by Sam Taylor

VICE Gaming is teaming up with London-based party promoters Joypad to present a collaborative live music meets indie and retro gaming event, Super Warehouse. The date for your diary is December 5th, and the venue is Hoxton Arches, London E2 (full details below).

The event will feature sets from Ninja Tune artist and Activia Benz label co-founder Slugabed, Sega Bodega, FAIK and Shirobon. Click the names for relevant Facebook links, because you really should. We'll also have Noisey DJs present and correct, playing what they certainly think are straight bangers. TBH, they're usually right.


Gaming wise, there will be a mouth-watering array of retro classics available spanning consoles like the Super Nintendo and GameCube, SEGA Mega Drive and Dreamcast. Be sure to keep an eye on @VICEGaming to vote for the games you want to play. We've already seen Super Mario Kart trump Street Fighter II as the first SNES game on show, on the night - click to our Twitter account now to vote for our lead Mega Drive title, Mortal Kombat II or Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament.

We'll also be welcoming Devolver Digital, publishers of too many amazing indie games to list in full (so let's just say Hotline Miami and OlliOlli for now), who'll be bringing two unreleased games along for punters to playtest. First up is Enter the Gungeon, a madcap dungeon crawler meets multiplayer shooter; and alongside that slice of frenetic frivolity we'll be presenting something very new that's all about physics and all kinds of shit exploding in your face. Yep, sounds like Devolver. Also on show is Line Wobbler by the charismatic Robin Baumgarten, a "one-dimensional LED dungeon crawler" which you can check out here. Other certified killer indie games will be available, too, for maximum fun.

Tickets for Super Warehouse, which runs from 8pm until 1am, are available now from EventBrite – click here to get yourself some.

Now, check out an awesomely exclusive Super Warehouse mix by FAIK, made specially for the event we're plugging on this very page. Download it here.

Those details, again:

Come to VICE Gaming x Joypad's Super Warehouse Party.
There will be music and games new and old and drinks and merriment.
It's being held at Hoxton Arches, 402 Cremer St, London E2 8HD.
It takes place on December 5th, doors at 8pm and chuck out time's 1am.
The cost is £10 (subject to an additional booking fee).
Tickets are available here.
It'll be great, we reckon. Well, we know.

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