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Dismissed UKIP Member of the Week: Rozanne Duncan

The councillor reportedly said that she didn't trust "Negroes" because "there's something about their faces."

Apparently only one photo of Rozanne Duncan exists, and it isn't very big

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Every time I see, hear or read about Nigel Farage these days, he seems to be apologizing for someone else. UKIP now dismiss their members with such regularity that, in the run-up to this year's general election, I decided to keep tabs on just who is being dumped this week for calling a guy a "fucking carpetbagger asshole" or insisting that gays love sex with children and animals.


Who's Been Dismissed: Rozanne Duncan.

UKIP rank: Independent councillor in Nigel Farage's constituency of South Thanet, Kent.

What She Did That Was So Wrong That Even UKIP Had to Kick Her Out: She told a BBC film crew that she had a problem with "Negroes" because "there's something about their faces."

Standard Back-peddling Quote About How Unracist She Is Because She Has Exactly One Black Friend: Duncan got a full house on her UKIP apology bingo card by claiming she is "not a racist" and that she had "many Asian shopkeeper and local business friends." Because buying an emergency onion from a corner shop once a week gives you carte blanche to go in two-footed on non-white bone structure.

What Happened Next: Rozanne was actually booted from the party back in December, after party chiefs revealed she made "jaw-dropping remarks" in a BBC documentary about Nigel Farage's attempts to keep his South Thanet seat in the upcoming election. The comments in question weren't revealed, presumably because they'd be a right downer over Christmas, but today the Times reported them in full. And, predictably, they are the exact kind of bigoted shit your weird drunk aunty might come out with at the last family meal she is ever invited to.

What UKIP Said: At the time of her firing, a UKIP spokesperson said of Duncan: "UKIP is expelling Cllr Rozanne Duncan under rule 15 of its constitution for bringing the party into disrepute. She has 28 days to appeal." To say UKIP is headed up by a man who goes on talk radio to sincerely defend his god-given right to say "chinky," you've got to work pretty hard to bring it into disrepute.

What She Said: At the time Duncan said: "I was not expelled for having an 'association with or membership of an organization incompatible with membership of the party,' nor have I links with a far-right or any other group. The only group I've ever belonged to is the Conservative party—unless you count Mensa, the Women's Institute, or the Order of Women Freemasons." Once again proving that the only people who ever apply to be in Mensa are the worst smart people ever. The kind of people who think doing a riddle is better than watching TV. People who need a laminated card in their wallet to tell them they're better than others.

I guess she's got one less of those now.

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