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How to Buy Your Boyfriend His First Sex Toy

Your partner with a penis may not know where to start when it comes to pleasure products. We're here to help, from beginner to advanced.
June 16, 2021, 7:28pm

If your partner has a penis, there’s a good chance that they’ve never bought themselves a sex toy. The concept of sex toys, for many, seems to be stuck on the classic rabbit vibrator or the Hitachi Magic Wand. Many men (and women) have no idea about the variety of toys currently on the market for folks of all genders. 

When buying your boyfriend his first sex toy, the first thing to do is remind him that toys don’t symbolize any sort of inadequacy in the bedroom. Sex toys offer sensations that body parts just aren’t capable of—they aren’t a replacement for intimacy. Gifting a sex toy to your partner will allow him to explore his body, both alone and with you. Masturbating with toys offers us a chance to really get to know what we do (and what we don’t) like during sex. And trying new toys with a partner isn't just incredibly fun; it also offers you both a chance to really communicate and experiment during sex. 

So, if your penis-having partner hasn’t bought themselves a sex toy, it’s time to change that. Purchasing a sex toy for a partner can be intimidating, but the pros—enhanced orgasms, new sensations, and a chance to explore—outweigh any awkward conversation that the gift might bring. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t sweat. Here’s a list of my favorite beginner-friendly sex toys for people with penises.

For Beginners: Satisfyer Powerful One Cock Ring 

A cock ring is the perfect starter piece for those who are new to sex toys. Easy-to-use and body-safe, these toys go in front (or behind, depending on the toy) the testicles and enhance erections. The Satisfyer Powerful One Cock Ring does just this with a few added bonuses—it vibrates and can be operated from an app, which means you can control your boyfriend’s toy from across the room, or across the world, making it a great long-distance couple’s toy. This type of toy is also an awesome introduction to sex toys for solo or partnered play for your boyfriend.

For Maximum Versatility: Noje Wand and Attachment Set

Wand vibrators are known for their deep, rumbly vibrations—and on that front, the Noje Wand totally delivers. Small, rechargeable, and affordable, this is an optimal vibrator to fit between two bodies. Small enough to bring on vacation, it’s the additional attachment set that makes this wand toy stand out. The rabbit-eared head snugly fits around a clitoris, or makes a fantastic vibrating nipple clamp that can be used on your boyfriend (or yourself). The other head creates a rumbly flapping sensation that’s super fun against a penis or can imitate analingus against a butt. This is an ideal toy to explore what feels good, and where, on each other’s bodies.


W1 Rechargeable Therapeutic Body Massager


Pleasure Wand Heads Attachment Set

The Perfect Stroker: B Swish Bhandy Classic Wave

Strokers are exactly what they sound like: sleeves with texture that, when combined with lube, can elevate a masturbatory experience. The Bhandy Classic Wave is a sleeve that, obviously, is designed for solo play, but is ideal for partner participation as well. Put this open-ended toy on the base of the penis for added texture during oral sex or use it on your boyfriend for an enhanced handy.

B Swish

Bhandy Classic Wave

The Vibrator/Stroker Combo: Fun Factory Manta

One of the smartest vibrator designs on the market, the silicone curves of Fun Factory's Manta fit perfectly around a penis to deliver sensation to the entire shaft. The ridges on this toy allow for lube to stay on longer, which is handy when he wants to use it as a stroker. The sleek handle means this toy can be used during sex between bodies and the powerful rumbly vibrations can be felt by both partners.

Fun Factory

Manta Rechargeable Vibrating Male Stroker

For Exploring Prostate Pleasure: Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Aneros is the leading brand when it comes to prostate toys, and the Helix Syn is an excellent gift for a guy who is interested in exploring prostate play. Fitting snugly between the cheeks, this silicone toy can be rocked back and forth using just the muscles in your anus for hands-free fun. The large head on the Helix Syn is curved to find and rub against his prostate for a mind-blowing P-spot orgasm. The arms on the toy tease the perineum, and while it’s great to use during partner play, the hands-free aspect also makes it a very worthwhile solo adventure.

The Latest in Technology: ArcWave Ion 

If you want to get your boyfriend the newest and best in tech, check out the ArcWave Ion. Air pressure technology, like that found in the cult-fave Womanizer, was once exclusively relegated to direct clitoral sensation—until now. Pulses of controlled air stimulate the frenulum, and smart, silent technology (meaning the air pulsations stop when the toy isn’t pressed against skin) makes this a great toy for a boyfriend who wants to up his masturbation game but lives with roommates. (More of the best super-quiet sex toys are right over here.) 

Sex toys ensure both you and your boyfriend are having a variety of experiences in the bedroom. Sex toys will never replace the intimacy you two create with each other, but rather add to the overall sexual experience you have together.

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