Monthly Horoscope: Aries, February 2024

If any bridges are burned, an olive branch isn’t far behind.

Aquarius season, which started last month, gives you a glimpse into the future. Not necessarily in a horoscopic, psychic sense (save the woo for Pisces season, which begins on February 19), but in a logical, long-term planning way. As the sun moves through your chart’s house of hopes and dreams, take time to think about the future you always wished for.


Your intuition is strong on February 2 when messenger Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune. There’s a strong sense of what your role is supposed to be, and you can feel extra sensitive about how you’re living up to social roles and conscriptions. Consider how you feel about changing yourself just to fit in.

Break your goals down into small, approachable steps. On February 5, Mercury enters your chart’s house of hopes and dreams: If you can dream it, you can make it happen—you just have to figure out your plan and/or collaborators! Look out for weird online interactions as Mercury meets with Pluto, also on February 5, which can set the stage for antisocial behaviors. This aspect may also find you figuring out shortcuts and unorthodox ways to get your plans in motion.

You’re happy to be different on February 7 as love planet Venus harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of rebellion. What makes you stand out is your bread and butter, and you can work with it! You’re able to tap into what makes you special—and play it up—as your planetary ruler Mars connects with dreamy Neptune, giving you a show-stopping effect. Tap into your star power! You don’t have to become a full parody of yourself, but it could be fun.


The new moon on February 8 brings new hopes and goals. You can dream about things you never even thought were possible. There are radical new possibilities—anything can happen, and this might bring up feelings of insecurity. Or maybe the fresh start is exciting, and taking risks feels worthwhile to you! During the new moon, both the sun and moon square off with Uranus, the planet of surprises, so you’re taking a chance on something that you wish for.

You’re figuring out how to have it all on February 10 as Mercury clashes with Jupiter, the planet of abundance. What would you trade in order to keep what matters most to you? 

Your social and political motivations are supercharged starting on February 13 when your planetary ruler Mars enters Aquarius. You may feel particularly connected to social causes, and can feel more strongly about your role and how you participate in your community. The weeks of this transit can also signify a more active time in your overall social life.

You might be extra sensitive and tender on February 13, when Venus connects with Neptune, bringing whimsical, romantic vibes. You could be inclined toward public displays of affection and sharing your feelings with whoever is around.


You might go overboard on February 14 as your planetary ruler, Mars, meets power planet Pluto. Avoid being a bully or any “mean girl” behaviors. If things feel edgy, try to be silly and playful, or focus on your hobbies and crafts until your temper cools off.

If any bridges are burned, an olive branch is not far behind, because on February 16, Venus enters Aquarius, bringing harmony and peace into your social life. You can feel good about your connections, and your friendships are a source of happiness and pleasure. You’re thinking outside of the box on February 16 as Mercury clashes with Uranus, giving you an innovative way of supporting yourself and working toward your goals for the future.

Your relationships and friendships are transformed on February 17, when Venus meets with Pluto. You might also be thinking about who in your greater social network has access to wealth, and how you can get in on it. Find your co-conspirators, people who share your vision for the future, and figure out how you can change the world together!

A period of rest and privacy arrives on February 19, when Pisces season begins. During Pisces season, the sun moves through your chart’s house of seclusion and mental health, so it’s a good time to connect with emotional parts of yourself that you don’t often pay attention to.


You can feel rewarded with love, friendship, or money on February 22 as Venus meets with your planetary ruler, Mars. This aspect may represent a moment of celebrating your success, of being grateful that you know who you know and you have what you have. Or it may begin a new pursuit that you feel especially aligned with.

Consider dream interpretation when Mercury is in water sign Pisces, which begins on February 23. This transit can also present an opportunity to talk about feelings that normally go unannounced, or gain a better understanding of your fears and shadows.

A habit or facet of your lifestyle ends on February 24 with the full moon in Virgo. This brings a job or task to completion, and can also surface important information about your health and other regular responsibilities. You’re able to get all of the details and data that you need on this day. You could be feeling extra rewarded, spiritually and emotionally, on February 24 as Venus clashes with jovial Jupiter. You feel supported and hopeful!

Your drive and focus is ignited on February 27 as Mars clashes with Jupiter. You could be called to action if you’re connected to what you believe in. When you are fighting for a cause, you’re able to work toward your goals in a way that goes beyond the material world. The reward is greater than paying your bills.

You’re taking yourself seriously on February 28, when Mercury, the sun, and Saturn all align, bringing emotional breakthroughs and insights into your psychological world as secrets are revealed and shared. Avoid punishing yourself.

You’re able to figure out financial matters on February 29 as Mercury, the planet of trade, connects with lucky Jupiter. There are safety nets and ways to keep yourself protected that you are capable of weaving into.

Good luck, Aries, and see you in March!