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Wake Up, Chef: This Vitamix Blender Is 50% Off On Amazon Right Now

This price drop for Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days means more smoothies, hummus, soup, and peanut butter with a top-tier blender.
Wake Up, Chef: This Vitamix Blender Is 50% Off On Amazon Right Now
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Cutting things in half is an important part of cooking. (It’s also a central part of Dewey Cox’s backstory.) Like, have you ever cut a lemon in half? What about a sandwich? In any case, Amazon wants to contribute to you cutting future ingredients and dishes in half by cutting the price of one of its most popular Vitamixes nearly in half. That’s right, friends: The Vitamix 5200—aka one of the best blenders on the planet—is a whopping 45% off right now for Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days. This is not a drill. Do not check other deals. Do not do further research. All you need to know is right here.


$549.99$299.95 at Amazon

$549.99$299.95 at Amazon

But why this blender? Well, it has all of the best and most important Vitamix features, but without all the extra bells and whistles that only Bobby Flay would use, making it basically the perfect appliance for home cooking. Pulse feature for salsa, thick ol’ soups, or vegetables you don’t feel like chopping? Check. Speeds that go all the way to 10 (sadly not 11)? Stainless steel blades? John Wick would be proud. Plus, it has a mammoth 64-ounce container, so you can make enough hummus to feed a football team; and its 120 volts of pure seed- and nut-grinding power means it’ll be unstoppable (at least when it comes to pesto.) And unlike a regular, boring blender, Vitamixes are super versatile. In the past two weeks, I’ve used my Vitamix to make peanut butter, green chile enchilada sauce, pozole, tomato soup, hummus, and a cashew-based queso. No, I’m not Gordon Ramsay—I just own a Vitamix. 

Listen, winter is coming. There are no more corn, peaches, and tomatoes for you to delicately slice and dice to eat with prosciutto and burrata while sipping sauvignon blanc on the patio. It’s time to bring out the big guns for hearty soup and stew season. It’s time to join Team Vitamix.

Score Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days sale on the Vitamix 5200 here.

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