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Brad Stank Invites You to His Room For Some Sad and Sultry Pop

The Liverpool songwriter creates melodic melancholia that will have you feeling blissed and blue.

Like soft butter melting into a hot piece of sourdough, Brad Stank's music is warm, smooth and familiar.

Though the songwriter is from Liverpool his new track "Daddy Blue" sounds like it could have been lifted from a mid-70s Californian soft jazz album and when he croons, "Baby I've never been a fan of reviews, but baby I'm a fan of everything that you do", well, sad and sultry never sounded so good.

Bradley Mullins started in pop band Sundogs but as Brad Stank he's upped the melodic melancholia that sounds like it could have drawn some influence from the likes of King Krule, Homeshake or even Connan Mockasin.

Image: Soundcloud