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The Flaming Lips' "You Lust" Video (NSFW)

The Flaming Lips' “You Lust” is an epic 13-minute track from their new album, 'The Terror.' The song probably won’t get chosen as the official rock song of Oklahoma, with it's dark, drone-y vibe. But it is the perfect soundtrack to this NSFW video...

The Flaming Lips have been a lot of different things over the years. Their newest album, The Terror, shows the band moving even further from their Willy Wonka-on-mescaline incarnation. The Terror is dark, drone-y, and bleak. “You Lust,” the album’s 13-minute centerpiece, probably won’t get chosen as the state rock song of Oklahoma, but it perfectly soundtracks the music video’s sci-fi nudity.

We spoke with the Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd about the video, which, it turns out, he had nothing to do with.


Steven Drozd, via

VICE: What was your role in putting the video together?
Steven Drozd: I had nothing to do with it. Not one thing. Wayne sent me an early edit and asked my thoughts. That was about it. If Wayne has something he wants to try with the rest of the band members, then we’ll be thrown in. But if we’re not needed, then he doesn’t involve us. That’s fine with me.

Hm. Why do you think Wayne edited the original version of “You Lust” down for the video? I thought it was going to be a sprawling, epic short film. But the video clocks in at just over four minutes.
I think it was time constraints. That is a lame excuse. They’re talking about doing a full-length version. It’s an opportunity to do that early MTV thing where there’s a whole story and setup before the song starts. Maybe Wayne could make a minimovie like David Bowie did with “Blue Jean.” The shortened version was sort of weird, because I’ve listened to the song so many times, and I have gotten used to the version with the long, creepy choir solo.

Oh well. What do you think of the nudity?
The nudity in the video isn’t glamorous or sexy. It’s very stark and disturbing. I think that’s a bold move. There are some shots when you go, “That’s an interesting angle to shoot a flaccid penis from…” But Wayne isn’t shy about being naked.

Are all the dicks and tits and vaginas straight out of his brain? Or are you on the same nudity trip?
That’s all him. Something must have happened to him when he was eight or nine that completely zapped his brain. Wayne goes through phases of working with different types of imagery. In 1989, it was Jesus Christ and God. But the vaginas never really go away [laughs].


Do you guys think about pubes when you’re casting? Trimmed or natural? Circumcised or uncircumcised? What’s the Flaming Lips’ stance on foreskin?
I’m surprised we’ve never discussed that. I’m sure it depends on the actual situation. There are many different types of pubic-hair scenarios. If you go full bush, it would be because you’re making something that looks gnarly. Aesthetically, you might not want to go full bush in 2013. Or maybe it’s a retro thing, now.

Full bush is coming back.
As all things do, in fashion. I’m probably one of the last people you should talk to about this video. I had nothing to do with it.

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