• The Flaming Lips' "You Lust" Video (NSFW)

    The Flaming Lips' “You Lust” is an epic 13-minute track from their new album, 'The Terror.' The song probably won’t get chosen as the official rock song of Oklahoma, with it's dark, drone-y vibe. But it is the perfect soundtrack to this NSFW video...

  • Hamilton and the Philosopher's Stone

    In the bucolic pastures of Hazerswoude-Dorp, Holland, nestled in verdant fields of ruminating Holsteins, lazy windmills, and pert tulips, lies a quaint Dutch farm that functions as the world's largest psilocybin-containing-truffle factory.

  • Venezuelan Body Count

    We met up with El Preito, rapper king of Venezuela, to talk about what it's like growing up in one of Caracas's most dangerous slums.

  • Venezuelan Body Count

    Chasing bodies on the Caracas crime beat with a reporter from 'El Universal.'

  • Venezuelan Body Count

    Last year alone, Caracas had more violent deaths than Baghdad. VICE's Ryan Duffy traveled to Venezuela to investigate the country's horrific crime epidemic.

  • Ryan and Dan

    Ryan and Dan met on the gay meat market site Ryan's a self-proclaimed rimhead... he's really into rimming. He's also a crusader for letting people enjoy themsleves after they cum instead of immediately worrying about pleasing their partner.

  • Meredith and Kevin

  • Juice and Boogie

  • Mike and Alice

    Alice gets extremely wet; that's just the way her body is. She's also the only girl Mike has met who likes anal sex as much as she likes vaginal sex.

  • Brian and John

    Brian and John are boyfriends. For this sex session, they used a special Astroglide lube and then John sat on Brian’s dick. They purposefully didn’t have sex for a few days before we interviewed them because they wanted to be good hosts.

  • Dan and Abigail

    Abigail knew they were meant for each other as soon as she felt Dan's hand clasp around her throat one fateful evening in the back of her car.

  • SOFEX: The Business of War

    SOFEX takes place every two years in Amman, and is largely the brainchild of Jordan’s king, Abdullah II, who has a penchant for special operations and massive displays of artillery.