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Lil B's New Emoji App Is 100% Vegan

The Based God has blessed us with emoji broccoli, carrots, and Vegenaise.
January 29, 2015, 4:30pm
We hope these are vegan pancakes.


Rapper and cultural icon Lil B has delved into emoji territory once again, following up his Basedemoji app with the animal-friendly vegEMOJI. Not only does the app let citizens of BasedWorld express themselves with Based God-approved jars of Vegenaise vegan mayo, it also shows them where to buy the stuff IRL along with other vegan foodstuffs from Follow Your Heart, Lil B's collaborator for the app. The company's director of accounting Matt Dunaj told FADER, "Lil B stands for love, positivity, and being true to yourself, and he also stands behind our principles of quality, compassion, and sustainability. We're so excited to be spreading positivity with Lil B! Follow Your Heart and keep it (plant) based!"

Even if you find Vegenaise hard to stomach, the app also features enthusiastic veggies and illustrated messages that adapt Lil B's trademark positivity to their animal-free ends. Download the app here, and get a glimpse of your blessed options below:

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