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THUMP Is Taking Over BBC Radio 1 With Unreleased Bicep Tracks And More

Right now, this very second. Tune in!
July 28, 2015, 9:50pm
Joe Haput

Something very exciting's happening this very moment. Our lads over the pond at THUMP UK are amidst a three hour set at the famed BBC Radio 1. It's all going down right now, like this very second, as we speak. Seriously, why are you even reading this? Drop everything you're doing and tune the fuck in.

The show translates what we do best here on THUMP onto the radio. We've got a rundown our 10 tracks of the year so far, Annie Mac and Mike Skinner getting weepy for a few Heartbreaker selections, John Doran doing a multi-sensory reading from his recently released book Jolly Lad, a sunset Balearic mix from UK editor Josh Baines, and club track dispatches from editors everywhere from America to Brazil. Oh, and no biggie, but we've also got a very special mix from Bicep full of previously unreleased material.

Lock in to this. Did you miss that? Try again here, and here .