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Idiocy Vs. Hedonism: Watch Vice & THUMP's Ibiza Documentary

Want to know just what it's like to do a season on the White Isle? Clive Martin investigates...

Ibiza, to most, is renowned as the heartbeat of dance music culture. A place that looms large in all our imaginations, to some Ibiza is viewed as a place of rave-laden, sun-kissed, beer-drenched adventures in the middle of the Mediterranean where all our hedonistic dreams can come true. But what is it that makes people come back year after year to the same tiny island?

Host Clive Martin sets off to investigate the magnetic appeal of "the party island", and meets a cast of characters including DJs Carl Cox and Luciano, a crew of scantily clad club-dancers, puking Brits abroad, Alfredo Fiorito - the man who basically invented Ibiza as we know it today - and a 10-foot-tall flying rave robot. Basically, if you want to know just what it's like to "do a season" on the White Isle, watch below.


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