Don't Leave Your Unwanted Meat in the Detergent Aisle at the Grocery Store, You Monsters

Laziness toward putting stuff back on the correct shelf at the supermarket has reached new lows, and the internet wants justice.
March 1, 2017, 4:00pm

While walking through a supermarket, it's a pretty common experience to grab something and then realize a few aisles later that you don't actually want it; of course, you can't be bother to go put it back, so you just tuck it somewhere between a few bags of chips, and you're off.

We've all been there. Like eating a single grape from a bunch in the produce section "just to taste," it seems to be one of those most ubiquitous but harmless shopping peccadillos.


But one shopper in Australia is learning the hard way that sometimes you pay for those small transgressions.

A photo of a package of deli meat nonchalantly tossed aside to rot in a detergent aisle that appeared on Reddit has kindled the communal fury.


"If you do this you're an a***hole," wrote one person.

Comment from discussion If you do this you're a looney..

"To me, it's sociopath behaviour. 'I'll just leave this here, and someone else can deal with my shit, that's their job,'" exclaimed another.

The post also prompted the online community to share their own horror stories of supermarket hide-and-seek; some claiming to have discovered empty milk cartons, and ravaged chicken bones hidden in the aisles.

Comment from discussion If you do this you're a looney..

To the person who discarded this tender meat, I say: If you're not going to pay, come on—at least duck into a quiet aisle and stuff your face with the bologna instead. Don't just leave it to rot.

Now would be a good time for that Vine where a guy gets tackled for leaving a gallon of orange juice on a store shelf next to a jug of Tide. RIP Vine.