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Throw Yourself Into This 'Icy Lake' Photo Gallery

Relive our 'Icy Lake' screening and after-party at Verboten via this extended photo gallery.

Photos by Daniel Leinweber of Razberry Photography

Last week, we premiered our short film, Icy Lake, at Brooklyn's newest nightclub, Verboten. In case you missed it, "Icy Lake" was a track from the mid-1990s that sounds shockingly close to the creepy, grime-influenced aesthetic championed by the Night Slugs and Fade To Mind crews—so close, in fact, that Night Slugs re-released the track and teamed up with THUMP to create a short film about its history and rediscovery.


The clip, which you can peep below, premiered last Thursday night at Verboten, and afterwards everyone piled onto the dance floor to enjoy sets from Night Slugs and Fade To Mind artists like Kingdom, L-Vis 1990, MikeQ, and Nguzunguzu's NA. Obviously, everyone went apeshit every time "Icy Lake" came on—peep the proof in this gallery of photos from our night of mayhem.