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Go Back to the Future with a Mysterious New Release From 'Bogus Order'

Check out an absurdly good new track from the label currently celebrating its 27th year on this planet.

Where, we're wondering, have the last 27 years gone? What's happened since 1990? Well, apart from a few World Cups, a couple of major international military campaigns, and the rise and fall of pulled pork, UK label Ninja Tune have released some of the most exciting and innovative electronic music around. Hurrah for that!

The imprint's first ever release was Zen Brakes Vol. 1 by the mysterious sonic-architects Bogus Order. To celebrate the big two-seven, Bogus Order are back label with a (very) belated follow up, named, unsurprisingly, Zen Brakes Vol. 2, which will be released on their own label Ahead Of Our Time. Because the world's changed a bit since Thatcher was in charge, the new record comes with an iOS based artwork synthesis app called Pixi. Which is exciting, isn't it? Pixi will, so the guys at Ninja Tune tell us, let listeners create a kind of visual remix of the tracks on the album. The future is great!

If you happen to carry an old, data-less phone about, you can always listen to some of the music on its own—old fashioned we know, but when it sounds as absurdly good as new track "Waiting On Your Call" does—like sino-grime imploding in the darkest reaches of a distant galaxy—you won't mind. Check it out right now.

And no, we're not telling you who Bogus Order are.

The album arrives on the 7th of April and you can order it here.