Yellowtail Ceviche Is Your Winter Antidote
All photos courtesy of Ceviche Project


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Yellowtail Ceviche Is Your Winter Antidote

This ceviche—made with ginger, jalapeño oil, and plantain chips—will make you feel like you are chilling out on a beach during the peak of summer.
February 15, 2016, 9:00pm
All photos courtesy of Ceviche Project

Got SAD? Then consider this yellowtail ceviche served in a young coconut the homeopathic medicine to cure your winter blues.

We know what you're thinking, frigid East Coaster: Why the hell would I make cold ceviche in the peak of winter? Therein lies the reason, friend. This ceviche is not your average ceviche. It is one that will keep you warm, thanks to plenty of fresh ginger and a sweat-inducing jalapeño oil.

RECIPE: Yellowtail Ceviche in a Young Coconut

The ceviche gets even heartier from here, thanks to chunks of fatty young coconut and the plantain chips that you use to scoop it all up. It comes to us straight from the ceviche-obsessed brain of chef Octavio Olivas. He's been blowing people's minds with his raw seafood preparations at his pop-up, aptly named Ceviche Project.

"I wanted this to evoke the feeling of summer on a beach, no matter the season," Olivas says when asked about the inspiration behind this take on ceviche. By the time you are done juicing the pineapple for the marinade, you might even think you're poolside in Tulum, sipping on piña coladas and killing time for dinner.

West Coasters, we're not even going to address you and your 90-degree weather right now.