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We Look at the Legacy of ‘Titanfall’ In Our First Guide to Games

‘Titanfall’ made mechs cool again, and opened up new doors for big-budget shooters.

Guide to Games is Waypoint's weekly short video series diving into a game we love, detest, or find fascinating. If the video above doesn't play, try the version on YouTube!

Welcome to Waypoint's Guide to Games, a weekly video series highlighting a specific game, its influences, and its legacy on the gaming landscape. These might be games people missed (but that you love), influential games that deserve attention despite being well known, or games with surprising connections to upcoming/recent big releases.

To kick things off, we examine Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment's first game, a multiplayer-only mech shooter that turned heads and claimed a stake in the overcrowded action arena upon its release in 2014. It also established Respawn—comprised of ex Call of Duty developers—as a force to be reckoned with.

Join us as we take a much closer look at the game that brought mechs back to the forefront.

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