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Make a Kim Jong-un Look-a-Like Cry in This New Mobile Game

'Mrs. Kim' invites you to chase a despot son through an array of obstacles, to give him an almighty thrashing.
May 26, 2016, 3:42pm

Screenshot via YouTube

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We've had a game in which you can beat up Donald Trump and another where you kill zombies as Vladimir Putin, so naturally it was inevitable that we'd get a video game that involves a mom chasing her mischievous son, who just happens to look a lot like North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un, in an endless runner style game.

And now it's happened. Mrs. Kim is said game, the work of a husband-and-wife development team, available free (mium, presumably) for iOS and Android phones on June 2. In the preview trailer, we see the titular matriarch become exceptionally upset with the naughtiness of her boy, who has a penchant for playing with nuclear warheads and must therefore receive a spanking. Cue: "Kim Jong-un" in tears, bawling over the knee of the game's take-no-shit protagonist.


Have a look:

I think that, while it's safe to say that this particular twist on the common endless (or infinite) runner genre isn't about to dislodge the likes of Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run from the public's portable handsets en mass, it's definitely got a lo-fi, knockabout charm to it. Also, you're chasing what is definitely not a famous despot, merely an avatar that looks an awfully lot like him. Because it'd take some almighty cajones to actively come out and declare:Download our game, and give ol' Great Successor over there a right royal thrashing.

One of the two creators of the game, who previously lived in South Korea, said: "Whilst there I learned two important things: Koreans make the best food, and have the most fearsome mothers."

On the gameplay, the developers, who also set up the Korean food brand Yogiyo, say, "He'll use anything to avoid being sent to bed with a sore bum and no pudding, but to avoid his rocket-fueled retaliation Mrs. Kim comes equipped with jetpacks, sonic blasts, and the awesome power of Kimchi." Kimchi is a Korean dish of fermented vegetables. It's rarely used as a weapon IRL, so I'm told.

A preview version of the game is available now for Android users. Kim Jong-un's actual mother, Ko Yong-hui, died at 51 in 2004. There is no public record of her video gaming achievements, so whether or not she'd have been any good at Mrs. Kim, we'll never really know.

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