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THUMP's Rich Girl Guide to Raving

Rave tips from real rich girls. YOLO.
May 22, 2014, 5:00pm

So you're a Rich Girl and you've fallen in love with raving. Yay! Turns out, it's just like clubbing, but with golf carts you can drive between VIP areas. Plus, there are macro-organic meal options (at least at some festivals), iPhone charging stations, and so many opportunities for Snapchats with celebs—if you've got the right wristband.

Nobody raves harder than a Rich Girl. She's out there living that YOLO life the rest of us only dream about. What's more PLUR than chartering the family jet so you can catch two different Hardwell sets in two different countries… in 48 hours? As an ode to the jet-setting, hard-partying, rave queens of the 1%, we reached out to our sources in the super rich—actual rich girls from around the world—to get some real world tips on how to take advantage of your tax bracket. Thus, THUMP's Rich Girl Guide to Raving is born, just in time for festival season.


Rule No. 1: Travel in Style

"Make a spur of the moment decision to borrow your friend's G6 to fly to Bangkok for Sensation White over the weekend," advises one of our filthy rich contacts in Singapore. "Fly from the White Party in Taiwan, to Avicii in Singapore, to the second day of EDC Vegas—three days in a row." We call that a Rich Girl Rave-a-thon.

Rule No. 2: Only Talk To Guys with VIP, AAA or Artist Wristbands

Sure, everything is going really well with you and that Wharton MBA guy but the time will come for you to trade up—and delaying that moment because you want to keep sucking face with your parent-approved boytoy isn't doing you any favors. GA is cute but it's social suicide.

Rule No. 3: Spray Tan, Betch!

Sun-based tanning can cause permanent skin damage, and that is so not cute. Spray your tan on (but don't overdo it), and use an SPF with UVA and UVB protectant. Our Rich Girl friend in Dubai recommends Sisley's "Gran Ecran" SPF30: "At $140 for a 1.5-ounce bottle, how could it not be the best?" Don't skimp.

Rule No. 4: Designer Candy Only

Do not buy drugs from the general admission crowd! They're probably, like, bath salts, or whatever. Either bring your own from home (you can tell the security guards you'll call Daddy's lawyer if they even think of touching your bag), or wait until you can cozy up to the DJs/promoters/A&R hunks backstage. They know where the good stuff is.

Rule No. 5: Clean That Candy Out of Your $4,000 Handbag

"Don't become an international drug smuggler by accident," advises one Rich Girl contact in Singapore. On one particularly messy Trans-Atlantic trip, she totally forgot about the molly in her Céline (probably because she was still rolling from the night before). When it comes to some violations of international law, no amount of money can stop INTERPOL from harshing your buzz.

Rule No. 6: Only Eat Organic

Any good festival has healthy, four-course catered meals. If it doesn't, don't let that fairground swine cross your lips. Come on, girl, your body is a temple. As one Rich Girl pointed out, "you probably ate earlier in the week anyway."

Rule No. 7: Please Tell Me You Are Not Sleeping in That Tent

At TomorrowLand, Belgium's biggest EDM festival, you can surprise your friends by renting a "mansion" for only €21,000. That's only, like, $25,000, which is, like, a third of what you spent last week flying from Tokyo to Milan to Los Angeles and back for a little shopping splurge, so… yes, you can totally afford this. Maybe the rental isn't really a mansion at all, but you know what, it's better than everyone else's accomodations and that is the fucking point, bitch.

Rule No. 8: Try to Blend In

You never know—maybe one of those hipster girls who rode the bus that day will introduce you to Calvin Harris. It can't hurt to try to make some friends outside of VIP once in a while. Why not leave the Hermès cuff on the jet and dress down with an Urban Outfitters/Forever21/Topshop look? Just make sure you wear giant, dark sunglasses when enterting and exiting so that none of the other Beckies recognize you while shopping at the mall.

Rule No. 9: Know When to Stand Out 

"Last time I was in Ibiza, my friend was promised a 'meet-and-greet' with Guetta," says one Rich Girl. "She was dating Martin Garrix at the time and it was her birthday. But Guetta didn't show up and she threw a fit … so he met her."

Rule No. 10: Out-Gaga Lady Gaga with Diamond Rave Glasses

Get a pair of custom-made diamond sunglasses to wear to the rave—just like Lady Gaga, circa The Fame. If you've maxed your Black Card, surely Daddy can foot the $1.5 million bill. Just make sure your selfies don't end up on Rich Kids of Instagram because ugh, how passé.

Rule No. 11: Be Prepared 

A rich girl appreciates when a host puts in an effort. There is nothing worse than opening the door of the limo that's picking you up from the airfield and not being greeted with a champagne supernova  [a martini glass of champagne with cocaine on the rim]. What is this, public school prom night? "Once I flew to Bangkok for a party, and the owner of the club picked us up in his limo full of coke, champagne and hookers." It's called basic hospitality.

Rule No. 12: Friendship is Literally EVERYTHING!

The fact is, only your true friends will cross continental borders and the international date line just to meet up in a foreign city for the most magical night of your EDM-loving lifetime. "I flew to Prague from Hong Kong to see Swedish House Mafia for one night with my friend who flew over from Spain," says one of our cosmopolitan Rich Girls. You can buy all the diamond-encrusted Louboutins in the world but in the end, besties are the best accessories of all!