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Angry Birds Visualized As 300 Hand Swipes

Evan Roth’s latest piece Angry Birds All Levels highlights just how many hand gestures it takes to beat the game.

If you own a smartphone, you probably have Angry Birds downloaded onto it, just like over a billion other people who have helped make the game a massive, global, time-killing hit. And if you’ve had enough time to kill, chances are you’ve completed it and experienced the glow of satisfaction that comes after beating any video game.

But what you’re probably not quite so aware of are the physical actions it took to complete this cultural phenomenon—all the swipes and jabs at the screen that launched the many birds that laid waste to those evil, egg-stealing green pigs. It’s something that artist Evan Roth has familiarized himself with because he’s visualized everyone of them in his piece Angry Birds All Levels (part of his Multi-Touch Paintings series), currently exhibiting at the Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.


Angry Birds All Levels – Photo: Seb Lee-Delisle

The piece visualizes every swipe using 300 sheets of tracing paper and black ink in what Roth says, “Contrast[s] the excitement that happens in the gaming environment with the monotony that actually takes places in the physical world.” As well as exposing the repetition, it also shows how these devices are an extension of our mental self, providing us with immersive entertainment no matter how boring it may seem from a physical perspective.

Roth also records how our interaction with technology is changing, showing how touchscreens are becoming the dominant way with which we engage with the digital world while also highlighting the growth of casual gaming, where video games have expanded beyond the joystick and the sofa into a gestural, mobile environment.

[via DVICE]