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Durian-Flavored Condoms Are Here to Help You Not Get Laid

Production of the condom has already begun and its manufacturer believes it will be “a hit among Asians.”
Foto von Kazue Asano via Flickr

Let's be honest for a second. Condoms, for all of their contraceptive and disease-curbing wonders, also take a lot of the zest out of intimacy. To put it simply, many argue that they make sex less fun. It's just a fact of life that responsible adults have to deal with in the minefield that is dating.

So, why on Earth would a company decide to elevate the perceived unpleasantness of safe sex by pairing it with one of the rankest, most foul-smelling foods that the natural world has to offer?


That's a question we should never have to ask ourselves, but are now forced to since an condom manufacturer in Thailand has decided to release a line of condoms that taste, and, presumably, smell like the repugnant fruit.

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According to an article in the China Press, quoted by Malaysia's The Star, a spokesman for the unnamed condom company said that production of the condom has already begun and that they believe it will be "a hit among Asians." If the point of this condom is to really minimize the odds of conception or transmission of STIs by totally ruining the mood before coitus can even take place, then it might be a success. Odds are, though, it's a gimmick.

This isn't the first time a durian condom flavor has been proposed. However, previous logic was not based on any kind of heightened pleasure; instead, "exotic" flavors like durian and piña colada have been marketed to "overcome the bashfulness of picking up a pack of condoms" in many Asian countries.

One thing is for sure though, durian condoms definitely bring a new meaning to "I Finally Lost My Durian Virginity."