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SUB.Culture Detroit: Kyle Hall Gets Wild (Episode 4)

Wild Oats, that is. Looking into the future of house and techno with Detroit's young stunners.

Mainstream media always makes it seem like only bad things come from Detroit: urban decay, crime, bankruptcy, D12. But as any electronic music fan knows, Detroit is also a hotbed of creativity, passion, and promise. From the 1980s—when fellows like Juan Atkins and Derrick May ingested New Wave and Kraftwerk and spit out a template for what we know today as techno—to the present day, with new blood producers like Kyle Hall, Mark Flash, and Monty Luke creating forward-thinking tracks, Detroit continues to be a source of inspiration and power in the worldwide dance arena. In our SUB.Culture: Detroit series, we look at Motor City past, present, and future. 


It's not all about Juan and Derrick and Carl and Jeff. The fourth and final episode of our SUB.Culture: Detroit series zooms in on Kyle Hall and his Wild Oats crew, who are shaping the future of techno city. We go crate digging with Kyle and friends at Hello Records--one of Detroit's quintessential record stores--then turn up at Kyle and Jay Daniel's roving Fundamentals party for some deep dance action. Along the way, we discuss what it's like to live in Detroit now, the pressures of carrying on the Motor City legacy, and making music without Berghain on the brain. Dirt Tech Reck's Jeedo also drops in to spit science on the new generation's sense of musical freedom.

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