Dreezy Opens Up About Being Too Hard on Herself on 'THE THERAPIST'

The Chicago rapper sat down for an emotional session with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh.
August 29, 2017, 9:30pm

On a new episode of VICELAND's THE THERAPIST, Dreezy—the "crown princess of Chicago rap"—sits down with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh to talk about the pressure she puts on herself to succeed. While the rapper sees being hard on herself as a means to making great work, Dr. Singh worries the habit has dredged up the anger and anxiety she's struggling to overcome.

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We're also airing a new episode of LAST CHANCE HIGH, our Peabody Award–winning documentary series chronicling life inside the walls of a Chicago school that serves some of the city's most at-risk students. On the latest episode, a pastor brings a student to prison to see his father for this first time in more than eight years.

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