This podcast is so boring it will put you to sleep — on purpose

Having trouble sleeping? After almost 800 episodes, this podcast is about as good as most sleep aids.
February 2, 2019, 2:22pm

Everyone knows a guy like Drew Ackerman: the guy at parties who keeps talking about pointless topics until you manage to escape to the bathroom.

But unlike your local rambler, he’s been able to turn his knack for quirky conversation into a career by putting people to sleep with an incredibly boring podcast called “Sleep With Me.”

Ackerman's voice isn’t particularly pleasant or soothing — he calls it “creaky.” But for his fans, there’s something comforting about hearing him drone on about such non-crucial topics as grammar, underwear styles, and Trader Joes’ ability to keep shelves stocked during the holidays.


"Sleep With Me" is quickly approaching its 750th episode and racks up about 3 million downloads a month.

And now, for the true "Sleep With Me Fanatic," Ackerman offers live podcast experience sleep sessions.

"I’m more like a buddy. Like, they call on the phone. You’re like, 'Hey, I cannot sleep.' Or I’m having the worst day. Just tell me some random stuff about your day,'" Drew said.

VICE News dropped in on one of these live podcast events to find out what it’s like to fall asleep, live, in a pool of fellow insomniacs.

This segment originally aired January 22, 2019, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.