Bojangles' Employee Fired for Writing V Rude Message in Icing on Cop's Biscuit

The sheriff's deputy's complimentary box of Bo-Berry biscuits included one that said "F U."
Bojangles fried chicken and biscuits
Photo:  Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It’s not at all surprising that local Raleigh, North Carolina news station WRAL has a Bojangles tag for its website. Of the fried chicken chain’s 758 locations, more than half are scattered throughout the Carolinas (and all of them have better chicken and biscuits than Popeye’s, don’t @ me.) But this has to be the first time it’s gotten to combine the Bojangles tag, the biscuits tag, and the caught-on-camera tag—and the first time it’s gotten to write the words “vulgar Bo-Berry biscuit” in a headline.


For the uninitiated, Bojangles’ Bo-Berry biscuits are a sweet and savory way to ensure that you’ll eventually have a favorite brand of diabetic compression socks. Bo-Berry biscuits are a denser, sweeter version of the regular Bojangles biscuits, and all of them have Mother Nature’s very own Bo-Berries baked in, and a reasonable amount of icing drizzled on top. You can purchase them in a six-pack, and on most occasions, they don’t tell you to fuck yourself.

But on Monday afternoon, sheriff’s deputy Daniel Pridgen was given a Bo-Berry biscuit that had been delicately iced with the letters “F U.” Pridgen told WRAL that he pulled into the drive-through at a Bojangles in Richlands, NC and ordered some of the Roast Chicken Bites from its lower calorie Bo-Smart menu. After sitting in his car for 15 minutes, he walked inside to ask why his meal was taking so long. He said that the staff apologized and gave him a box of complimentary Bo-Berry biscuits for his trouble.

When he got home and opened the box, he realized that one of the biscuits had its traditional zig-zag icing pattern, while the other said “F U” in two (honestly, still delicious) letters. “I am literally at a loss. How professional, Bojangles!” he wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post. “As I stand there and wait patiently (in uniform) while my other food is getting cold, this is the thanks I get from the lovely staff […] Pure hatred, I appreciate it. Unfortunately I didn’t notice until I got home to eat.”

To its credit, Bojangles acted swiftly: According to The (Jacksonville) Daily News, the employee responsible for the obscenity was “immediately terminated,” and the manager of the Richlands location contacted Pridgen within half an hour of seeing his post. (“I’ve really got no complaints,” he told the paper.)

In a statement, Tands Inc—which operates more than 50 Bojangles restaurants in eastern North Carolina—again apologized for the tainted biscuit. (MUNCHIES has reached out to Bojangles for additional comment but has not yet received a response.) “This type of behavior is not consistent with our values or our culture, and it will not be tolerated at any Tands restaurant,” a Tands spokesperson said. “We apologize to anyone who was offended by the actions of this former employee.”

But… but… surely he still ate the Bo-Berry biscuit?