Police Anger Lone Welsh Vegan with Tweet About Meaty Breakfast

“Speaking as a taxpayer I’d prefer them to… not post breakfast pics that offend vegetarian/ vegan followers.”
January 8, 2018, 3:06pm
Photo courtesy Twitter/@RuralCrimeTeam

The internet can be a dangerous place. Scroll through Twitter and you could be confronted by your own profound mediocrity in the face of your peers, your ex with his new girlfriend getting lit in Corfu, or a dick pick. Or, worst of all, beyond any shadow of a doubt, you could see a picture of a food you don’t eat and rightfully lose your shit.

This was the case for one singular vegan who took issue with the North Wales Rural Crime Team after they shared images of a mass beheading on Twitter. No wait, sorry, a breakfast. They tweeted about breakfast.


The British police contingent wanted to share with the world a fry-up that its workers had enjoyed during a recent breakfast meeting, tweeting a picture of a table laid out with poached eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, ketchup, beans, and mushrooms.

However, one Twitter user felt that the tweet went too damn far, criticising the team for using taxpayer money to share images of dead animals and, er, eggs.

The police tweeted the Twitter user’s criticism to their followers, many of whom clearly thought that it was ridiculous to get upset over an image of a sausage.

Is this a new precedent for vegan self-righteousness? Or is the tweeter right to expect a healthy and more ethical social media presence from law enforcement professionals? Either way, we have one question for the police:

Where’s the HP?