How Chefs Are Approaching Thanksgiving This Year

The holidays are going to be different.
November 24, 2020, 4:44pm

While holiday meals vary from household to household, there is something universally sentimental about gathering around the dining table with loved ones for special occasions. But what does Thanksgiving dinner look like in 2020, amid a global pandemic? For chefs—no strangers to working schedules that are different from most, and who often eat “family meal” with coworkers before service starts—this holiday will ebb a bit closer to their everyday lives, where they’ve eaten with their chosen family during their careers before COVID. In fact, this year has really shined a light on chosen families, which have long been second nature in the restaurant industry: friends and coworkers gathering to share meals, fostering inclusivity. This year many may take a page from their book, as not everyone can travel to their families. So, in partnership with RITZ, we asked four chefs how they’ve leaned on one another during this unprecedented time, and how they’ll get together during the holidays. From a Korean chef who considers a holiday meal a proper feast that combines history, ritual, and celebration to a Laotian chef who honors his family by sharing his culture's food with others, their unique traditions will inspire you to create your own spirit of welcoming through food this year. Watch the video above to learn more.