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Octopus Breaks Free from Glass Prison, Proves There Is Hope for Us All

"Off he went," the aquarium manager said. "Didn't even leave us a message. Just off and went."
Photo via Flickr user damn_unique

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A genius octopus somehow managed to break free from his glass prison at the New Zealand National Aquarium earlier this year and successfully ooze to the freedom of the open ocean, according to the New Zealand website Stuff.

Stuff reports that aquarium staff found tracks suggesting that the football-sized octopus, Inky, climbed through a gap at the top of his enclosure, treaded across the wet aquarium floor, and squeezed his body through a six inch-wide pipe that headed back into the sea.

Inky must have been very bored or very anxious to get back to his natural habitat, because he had a pretty good gig at the aquarium. Trainers tried to keep him amused with toys and games, and hand-fed him fish three times a week, which is more than most of us get.

Maybe Inky actually got annoyed with all the attention because, as aquarium manager Rob Yarrall noted on Radio New Zealand, octopuses are solitary creatures that usually prefer living alone.

"Off he went," Yarrall said, "Didn't even leave us a message. Just off and went."

Godspeed, Inky. Good luck out there.