Leather Girls Get Lost In The Darkest Corners of Their Dreams In “She” Video

They also prove, yet again, that giant rabbits are fucking terrifying.
April 7, 2017, 2:03pm

Photo by Sarah Lim Dreams are a weird frontier of our unconscious minds. They can function as cool spaces for our imagination to conjure up innovative ideas. Or they may also be dark; unspooling subconscious worries that bring forth nightmares ripe with unpleasant imagery and leaving you in a cold sweat in the morning. For the 60s inspired psych garage rock Leather Girls from Texas, we are privy to the unpredictable darkness that can crop up in our minds for their new video for "She." Shot on a Super8 camera, images of the band playing while drenched in green lights and a blood red neon sign with the word Diablo buzz across the screen. Additionally, if Donnie Darko has taught me anything, it's that rabbits can be extremely trippy and fucking terrifying. With that said, the opening frame of "She" features a rabbit mask that is scary immediately. Guitarist and vocalist Mike Garrido says of the video's concept, which was directed by Andy Ray Lemon, "I had a nightmare that a man with a rabbit head was walking around my old house. A few weeks later I found a fucked up rabbit mask in a friend's house. When it came time to do the video, [the director] told us his idea and we loved it but I insisted I wear the rabbit head. I just wanted a piece of my bad dream in there somewhere."


The track itself is more urgent with jangly, expedient guitars and drums, pleading about a nameless woman who has dominated the mind of the narrator. Vocalist and guitarist Erik Camacho says of the song's inspiration that, while he was watching the Muscle Shoals documentary, he wrote a track that was fiery and straight from the heart. "I was also jamming Bob Hocko & the Swamp Rats over and over again. Their cover of "It's Not Easy" inspired the delivery of the chorus," says Camacho. "'She' is my love. But I wrote it from the point of view of me pining for and missing her. Totally lost until she can come back to me."

Leather Girls' self-titled debut is due out this June. Watch the video below:

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