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PSA: Idris Elba Makes House Music | US | Translation

What can't this guy do?

What do we know about actor and possible future Bond, Idris Elba? You know, the extremely good-looking English bloke from The Wire and Luther and other stuff that we can't think of right now. We know that he is handsome. We know he likes house music. We know that he's a sometimes DJ, and that he even had a residency in Ibiza (who hasn't though). We even know that he released a rework of Skepta's "Shutdown" last year.


With all this knowledge in our arsenal, you'd think we'd be less surprised at the release of track "Spectacle" late last week. Perhaps we hadn't spent enough time perusing the net—and more specifically, Elba's SoundCloud—because the British actor has actually put out frickin' heaps of music over the years.

A club-ready house track, sprinkled with Elba's own silky vocals, "Spectacle" is out under the moniker Hiatus.

Want to know more? Makes sense. Listen below.

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