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This action packed MIXED BY from Brillz is an 11 on the turnt-o-meter and will have you twerking on the office water cooler in no time.
November 25, 2013, 10:34pm

Brillz is working hard to make sure that trap music doesn't get old. Too often in the history of electronic music, subgenres have grown like wildflowers, experienced their moment in the sun, and returned quickly ashes-to-ashes-style to the ground from whence they came. Sorry moombahton, but we're looking at you right now.

Trap, however, has persevered, with devoted flocks of festival ratchets and a close relationship to mainstream hip-hop that keep it on top of the Beatport charts. Brillz is keeping the festivals fresh for us, storming the scene with his Diplo and Kill The Noise collaborations and providing support on Datsik's Firepower Reloaded tour. More recently, Brillz has been flying his own flag with his impressive debut album Twonk as well as a great deal of electrifying performances across the country.

Today we have an action-packed MIXED BY from Brillz and it's a certified 11 on the turnt-o-meter. It's packed with favorites and a few unreleased tracks from the Twonk remix album ReTwonked, which will be out December 10 on Slow Roast Records. If you're suffering from a case of the Monday blues, hit play on this one and you'll be twerking all over the office water cooler (and a few of your co-workers) in no time.