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MIXED BY Moldy & Wheez-ie

Boston dubstep o.g. Moldy goes splits on this mix with Houston's speed demon Wheez-ie.
July 24, 2013, 6:45pm

Wheez-ie and Moldy are two high-minded bass cadets who met in the chilly northeastern city of Boston, Massachusetts. They're both veterans of the stateside bass music movement, going all the way back to when you still had to explain the word "dubstep" to people at parties. Remember that?

Moldy held down the heavy bass scene in Portland, Maine for half a decade before moving down to Beantown last year to makes splashes in a slightly bigger pond, and Wheez-ie recently moved back to Houston, TX, where he tweets about being super bored but extremely productive in the studio.


This week's mix is a two-sided tape: Side A is a slice of Moldy's signature sophisticated minimalism, and side B captures Wheez-ie's irreverent charm, spitfire mixing, and penchant for the hardcore side of the spectrum. They've got a split release coming out this month on Distal's fantastic future bass imprint Embassy Recordings and you'd be silly to miss that one. Dig in, bassheads!

Pre-order the vinyl here or wait for the release.


Side A - Moldy

Moldy - "Turning Point"
Moldy - "Too Slow"
Moldy - "Spicecake"
Speaker Shake - "Pure Filth Sound ft. Crazy D (Moldy Remix)"
Moldy - "Oblivion"
Moldy - "The 4th Shrine"
Moldy - "NO CARRIER"
Moldy - "Crosswalk"

Side B - Wheez-ie

Wheez-ie/Limp Bizkit - "intro 2k13"
Wheez-ie - "Gonna Get You"
Wheez-ie - "You Lose"
Rizzla & blk.adonis - "Battyjack"
SPF666 - "Don't Laugh Bitch"
The Temperer feat. Maya - "Feel It (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Voyeurism vocal mix)"
Junior Vasquez - "Come Together (Junior's Revenge Mix)"
Redlight - "Source 16"
Todd Terry - "Jongo"
Wheez-ie - "Afterburner"
Wheez-ie - "Can't Get You Out"
Lost & I.E. - "Attack"
Rizzla - "Badmind Hardstyle"
TCJ - "Junked To The End"
Wheez-ie - "Shake That Shit"
Wheez-ie - "Touchy"
Total Science - "Dramaz"
Girl Unit - "Club Rez (Rizzla's Club Cecile Bootleg)"
Raiden - "Rust"
Nine Inch Nails - "Closer"
Shackleton - "Blood On My Hands"
J:Kenzo feat. Rod Azlan - "Ruffhouse"

You can catch Moldy on an East Coast tour on the following dates:

9/21/13 @ Forecast
Club BACKBAR, 815 V St., Washington, DC 08/16/13 @ BASSIC with Coki and EshOne
Good Life, 28 Kingston Street, Boston, MA 08/10/13 @ EPICENTER:03 with EshOne
House of Yes, 342 Maujer St., Brooklyn, NY 08/02/13 @ Native Frequencies with EshOne
The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA