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This Drone Footage Will Cure Your Case of Bridge Fear

Behold the latticed wonders of massive, time-tested civil engineering.

You either notice bridges, or you notice bridges.

By "notice," in the first sense, I mean to say you get that nagging "bloody Hell, just get this over with" sort of Fear when you're confined to a moving vehicle and really wish you didn't have to glide helplessly over a 150-year-old suspension bridge. But you've got no other choice. You bite your lip, maybe close your eyes if you're not at the wheel, and let out a heavy sigh of relief once it's over.

By "notice", in the second sense, I mean to you say you get a kick out of the wonders of massive, time-tested civil engineering. You like driving over something like the the Clifton Suspension Bridge, seen above through the eyes of a curious quadcopter drone. I mean, just look at that thing. Behold its latticework. It's beautiful. Sound. Impressive. It's a bridge's bridge.

In fact, it may've just cured my mild case of Bridge Fear.