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'Only U' Can Hear the New Trumpet & Badman Single Right Now

File under: "Thick House Big Room Banger".
June 8, 2015, 2:41pm

If you've been reading THUMP for more than a week or so, you'll probably know by now that we're huge fans of both DJ Haus and DJ Q, so as far as we are concerned anytime they hook up together as Trumpet & Badman is a cause for celebration. As a duo they've already released certified club classics like "Love Keeps Changing" and "All Nite"

Coming out on Haus' Hot Haus Recs imprint, "Body Aching/Only U" is a perfectly pitched synthesis of his thick house workouts and DJ Q's bassline-cum-garage-cum-club music approach. It's custom built for long evenings slamming cans and even longer nights on the town. Expect to hear it blasting from 106's all summer long.

And no, we still don't know which one's Trumpet and which one's badman.

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