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Play for Real Bitcoin in This 'Bomberman' Clone

500 satoshis to anyone who can blow up this scrub.
Image: Battlecoin

A developer on Bitcointalk has recreated the classic 2D multiplayer game Bomberman, but this time, with a twist: you can bet and play to win Bitcoin.

Battlecoin pits you against other users in a multiplayer Bomberman clone. The idea behind Bomberman, which originally released in 1983, is simple: you're a man who plants bombs in a labyrinthine map, and your objective is to clear it of any enemies with those bombs by trapping them between walls, obstacles, and other environmental hazards.

On Battlecoin, players can choose rooms to duke it out, and up to four players can try to blow each other up at a time. It's winner takes all situation; all players have to agree to put the same amount on the table before a duel begins.

The site starts you off with a wallet containing 0.000001 bitcoins, roughly 1/33 of a cent at the time of writing, but you can always deposit more if you're looking for higher stakes.

This isn't the first unofficial Bomberman online multiplayer game. In 2013, fans released Bombermine, a game that played like a huge and frantic MMO-styled version of Bomberman, and it supported a huge, anarchic battlefield that could accommodate dozens of players.

Battlecoin, on the other hand, is nothing like that: it makes sure players are on a level playing field, there's no progress system and only skill, not cheesing, will win you the magic internet money. Bomberman is already a classic, intense multiplayer game, but playing it for bitcoin must be a totally different kind of rush.