There Is Going to Be Another 'Life Is Strange,' and I Hope It’s Super Gay

Teen romance should always be strange.
May 18, 2017, 7:00pm

I know that folks are currently excited about Destiny 2 and the machinations of American politics today, but there is reason to hope for a better, stranger world. DONTNOD—the team behind 2015's episodic adventure Life is Strange—has just announced that there will be another Life is Strange game—or season of the game, proper.

In a video titled, simply "A special message from DONTNOD Entertainment," the team first thanks fans of Life is Strange, then confirm that they are working on a new Life is Strange game. That's all—no details are available yet, but hey, I have a few ideas!


Ready? Make it super gay!

I mean, I'm only half joking. Maybe one quarter joking. I adored the original game, its bizarro tone, it's music, it's gentle time travel puzzles and wonderfully-strained 90s sitcom dialogue. But what I really loved was the relationship between bad girl Chloe and best-friend-maybe-much-more protagonist, Max.

I mean, of course that was something I loved. While queer women are actually starting to show up in games (like my current obsession Prey), we're still peeking over the fence. That relationship was cute, it was realistically ambiguous, it was heartfelt. And you could make a very big decision at the end of the game that felt appropriately dramatic to the stakes of the world: AKA, how teen relationships actually feel.

I want this new game to feel like that.