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The Editors' New Groove: Halloween Pre-Game

Start a pentagram-shaped circle pit for these spooky new tunes.

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases on THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.

Michelle Lhooq: Oh god, I'm slowly turning into a giant stomach ulcer. That's how stressed out I am about my Halloween costume. Just kidding—that is my Halloween costume. Everyone's going to love it. Speaking of things everyone loves, Kill Paris' funky electro remix of the Ghostbusters theme song has been burning up the internet this week, because of course it would.


Vivian Host: DJing on Halloween can be kind of amateur hour: you wanna play spooky shit and all they wanna hear is "Thriller" and "Monster Mash." F that s. Throw on this Phuture Doom, clear the floor, then start a pentagram-shaped circle pit. Skrillex is really showing his genius by mixing black metal, Atari Teenage Riot, dubstep, and Blair Witch Project into a billowing black trenchcoat of angst perfect for punching out the dude in the Katy Perry outfit.

Joel Fowler: We Play House label boss Red D recently asked their favorite producers to create tracks inspired by the 1980s movement Belgian New Beat. This one is from Juju & Jordash, and it's what a spaceship would bump while getting beamed up a portal to hell.

Max Pearl: This! The deconstructed house vibe is kind of like a game of Jenga: how many pieces can you remove before it falls apart? Stack reduces the busy original into a sparse, melancholic roller that had me catching #feelings.

David Garber: ZDS aka Zombie Disco Squad just dropped his banging EP Hands on dirtybird, and this shit is hot enough to make a whole crew of the undead shake their thang under the full moon. Put this down-and-dirty track "Drop" on your Halloween playlist and watch everyone do their best Frankenstein dance.

Mike Steyels: You knew there'd be endless Drake remixes for months, it was inevitable. But don't get too sulky—most of them pick the mood up a bit. This is no exception. Total Freedom's chopped version cuts Drake out of the mix all together in favor of Aiko's verse, and fills the space with complicated drum patterns. The only thing really Halloweeny about it is the terrified shrieks that TF is fond of sprinkling into most of his remixes.


Vivian Host: Back before there was EDM, there was EBM (in the 80s, yo). It's a fertile dark and obscure playground where plenty of favorite cool-kid producers (Silent Servant, Vatican Shadow, Gesaffelstein, Ivan Smagghe) are still poking around in for influence. Trevor Jackson from Output Recordings just released this compilation highlighting some of his favorites. I'm going to put it on and pretend I'm at the Batcave circa 1983. Also this kind of music makes my hair turn out good.

Max Pearl: Correct me if I'm wrong, but at this point it seems like Diplo's the only famous white dude fucking with singers and deejays from the Caribbean nations. From Vybz Kartel and Skerrit Boy's features in "Pon de Floor" to this summer's hit single with Busy Signal, "Watch Out for This (Bumaye)," Diplo is on a tear, and now he's remixed one of my favorite soca singers, the Trini gladiator Machel Montano, with Toronto DJ Grandtheft, flipping it into a festival smashing tech-house tune.

Joel Fowler: GERD is one of my favorites. His NY Stomp moniker serves his sleazy baseline house flips, and what better application than to a proper remix of this New York classic, "Always." Makes me want to slip into a black leotard and dance around in a pumpkin mask.

Mike Steyels: Jayhood is the current King Of Jersey Club, and was crowned by "The Lord" Tameil himself at the 2012 Jersey Club Awards. He dropped the 10/15 mixtape a few days ago that included this heat on it. Not really Halloween-style, but timely. He produced this track alongside Adolf Joker (together they're responsible for the viral "Hands On Ya Hips", which kept things in Jersey live for years). Hood has been working with Missy Elliott lately doing production on various projects. The original "Polo" track remixed here was by DJ Goofy.

David Garber: If you've been following Deadmau5's Soundcloud over the last six months, you already know that the dude has been uploading experimental (and often unfinished) tracks faster than a little kid can gobble up his Halloween spoils. This nine-minute mau5terpiece "Phantoms Can't Hang" is a spooky progressive trancey odyssey chock full of ghoulish vocals and flashes back to his early productions. Nice job, Joel.