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Arca, James Blake, and Sampha All Contributed to Frank Ocean's Visual Album, 'Endless'

Apparently, Ocean is also releasing 'Boys Don't Cry This Weekend.'
A Still from Endless.

Tonight, Frank Ocean took the internet by surprise by streaming a 45-minute visual album on his website via an Apple Music stream, and releasing it via iTunes. On top of that, a representative from Apple Music confirmed to Rolling Stone that this was not the album Ocean had promised, but a different record called Endless, and that Boys Don't Cry, his long awaited sophomore album, would be released this weekend.


What surprised us most of all, however, were the album credits for Endless, which abound with THUMP favorites: Arca has a programming credit on a track called "Mine," as does Michael Uzowuru on "Rushes To"; Sampha has a feature on "Alabama," and James Blake makes a cameo on Ocean's cover of The Isley Brothers' "At Your Best (You Are Love)," alongside Om'Mas Keith and The London Contemporary Orchestra. We also counted four guitar credits for the charmingly scrappy Philly singer-songwriter Alex G; his music isn't exactly THUMP's in area of expertise, though we're happy for the dude nonetheless.

We'll have to wait to see how many of them are featured on Boys Don't Cry, but for now, you can enjoy some beautiful music and carpentry here, and view the full credits for Endless below.