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Find Out What Goldie Makes of Berghain and More in the Latest British Masters

The drum and bass don reveals all in a brand new video for Noisey.

Let's be honest—Goldie is a bloke who likes to talk. The chatterbox producer and DJ is inarguably one of the most important figures in the history of British electronic music and club culture and our friends over at Noisey were lucky enough to sit him down for the latest instalment of British Masters.

Over the course of fifteen scintillating minutes, John Doran is taken on a wild ride by the Metalheadz main man, with the pair of them traversing everything from Egyptian reincarnation to the legacy of David Bowie, bikram yoga to his new album, The Journey Man, his first in two decades.

He's also a bloke steeped in the power of how clubs can shape communities, reinvent cities. Clubs like Blue Note and Heaven were transformative for him and others, becoming spaces imbued with, "real alchemy, real fucking alchemy." He's slightly less enamoured with everyone's favourite meme-club, though. "I went to the Berghain one Saturday, fuckin' hell, it ain't all that. It was alright…"

Watch the whole thing in full above.