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An 8-Bit 'Avengers' Recap Worth Fighting Aliens For

Capturing the fan-favorite story of 'The Avengers' in pixelated 8-bit glory.



We love pixel art because it gets right to the crux of the image—everything that needs to be shown had better fit into a few boxes of solid color, and if it can't, then it doesn't need to be shown. YouTube animators CineFix have consistently delivered with their popular 8-Bit Cinema series, successfully recreating pop culture staples—such as an epic Donnie Darko interpretion—without the need for fancy bells and whistles.


Their latest 8-bit interpretation tackles The Avengers, last summer's monster blockbuster that made over $623 million at the box office, and earned a whopping 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The qualities that made such a union of commercial and critical success possible may be the same thing that makes the 8-Bit Cinema rendition so gratifying. The plot is relatively simple, most of the problems can be solved with some combination of team work and explosions, and it doesn't matter how many bits he's made of—watching the Hulk punch one of those flying fish monsters in the face will always be awesome.

Enjoy the simple pleasure of watching one of the top super teams take on big bads in 8-bit style. We wish we could actually control that pixelated Hulk as it [SPOILERS] whacks Loki repeatedly against the ground—maybe if the right person at Marvel sees this, Avengers: The 8-Bit Video Game will become a reality.

Gear up for more fun 8-bit adventures over at CineFix's YouTube channel.

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