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Tracer is Queer, ‘Overwatch’ Fans Erupt in Excitement

Tracer is the face of 'Overwatch,' and she is queer.

Overwatch has always been a queer-friendly game. It features colorful heroes from a wide range of presentations, including folks with possible queer-coding (like Zarya). But today, the very first Overwatch hero officially came out. Merry Christmas, Overwatch fans! Tracer is Queer!

In a comic launched today, speedy, time-warping Tracer shares a happy holiday moment with another woman. They exchange gifts (sort of! The scarf is part of the plot!) and share a kiss over hot cocoa.


Header and comic image courtesy of Blizzard

It's exactly the kind of genuinely sweet scene that warms my own queer little heart. This isn't a scandalous lesbian kiss oh my that reads like it was designed to titillate, but an expression of love and affection between two queer women. They are very clearly not just friends or, er, galpals.

Blizzard was wise to do this in a thoughtful fashion—we don't need long bits of exposition or Tracer's entire sexual history—that kiss is definitive, genuine, and symbolizes just how rad the inclusive Overwatch universe really is.

Overwatch fans, of which there are anecdotally many in the queer gaming community, have reacted with joy.

There are plenty of more nuanced takes as well. Some folks have been careful to point out that we shouldn't call tracer "gay" or "lesbian" and erase the possibility that she is bi. Visibility matters, for all of us!

It's thrilling to me, personally, that Blizzard is creating a world that is inclusive. I already had a lot of affection for Overwatch (I think it's a good game, but I find the community even more fun to engage with), but now I want to give it a Christmas present and a kiss.