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This Guy Turned SBY's Tweets Into The Perfect Emo Song

The former president is just "having one of those days."
February 17, 2017, 10:21am

Donald Trump may be making waves as the United States' first Twitter president, but our own Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was years ahead of the curve. SBY's wrote his first tweet way back in 2013, and he never looked back. During the tail-end of his term in office, SBY was known for tweeting out opinions on policy moves and international relations 140 characters at a time.

But recently, the former president's tweets have been a bit more… emo. He's lashed out at rivalscriticized his successor President Joko Widodo, and tapped out enough sappy, sentimental tweets to fill my teenage diary.


Some say SBY's tweets may have cost his son the election, but, come on, can't we let the man express himself? Don't we all have feelings?

Jakarta-based EDM producer Hazen Mardial thinks the former president is definitely in his emo phase. He took the former president's tweets and set them to an emo song that mixes the sugary pop-punk of The All-American Rejects with the long-hair screamo of The Used.

VICE Indonesia: So were you inspired by the Donald Trump emo song?
Hazen Mardial: Correct. A friend shared that video on Facebook. And then he asked me to do an SBY version. I made it the next day.

How long did it take?
I did it in one night. And I uploaded it the next day.

How did you choose the tweets? It couldn't have been easy. He's published a lot of confessional tweets, right?
I chose them randomly. I mostly picked the ones that felt right to sing and also catchy enough to be the chorus.

It sounds sort of like that band The All-American Rejects. Or maybe the Starting Line.
I think it's more like Taking Back Sunday.

Do you think SBY would make a great vocalist in an emo band? He likes to play music, right?
If you take a look at his timbre, SBY is more suitable to be a vocalist of a post-punk band. But lyrics-wise, SBY is a natural emo songwriter.