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Question Of The Day

What's The Most Honest Thing You've Ever Done?

"I told everyone about my dad going to prison."

A man called Shaun giving you tips on how to be honest.

A few days ago, a homeless guy in Boston found a bag containing $41,000 (£25,600). Instead of blowing it on – IDK – housing, clothing and food, he took it straight to the police, stating he would "never keep a penny". Luckily for him, karma worked its magic and he ended up being awarded more than double the amount of money he turned in after people all around America donated cash to an online fund.


I wanted to know if people in London would ever be as morally upstanding as our man in Boston, so I took to the streets and asked them a question: What’s the most honest thing you've ever done?

Hermione: I do honest acts quite a lot because I don’t want bad karma. I’ve never done anything on that scale, but I saw someone drop a tenner and I chased a guy down the end of the platform in Euston. I ran and he was really drunk.

VICE: Did it feel good?
Yeah, he gave me £3 in return.

That's actually kind of weird. Anyway, if you were homeless, would you keep the money or give it back?
Honestly, I’d keep half, so I wouldn’t feel as bad.

Glen was given double what he returned as a reward.
See, that’s good karma, that is.

So you'd give it back?
It depends how desperate I was.

Kyle: I told people about my father in primary school.

Ominous. What did you tell them?
He sold drugs and went to prison.

How did that go down in primary school?
Everyone thought I was a gangster.

Is that why you told them?
I just wanted to tell my mates because it was going on in my life. I wanted to talk about it. I didn’t wanna keep it all in and become a crazy person.

You sound like you're a sane person, so good job.

Oliver: I can’t think of one thing.

Uh oh.
I try to live my life by being honest all the time – I don’t have one single thing. I have given a wallet back before, though.

So you think of yourself as a pretty all-round honest guy?
Yes, I don’t like being deceitful or lying. I think it’s bad for the soul.


If you found loads of money, would you keep it?
Um, it depends, to be honest. If I found a million dollars, I’d probably keep it all.

Monique: Giving birth.

I'm not sure if that counts. Anything else?
Oh, I’ve handed an iPhone in before.

That's more like it. So would you keep a bunch of money if you found it lying around?
If I were homeless, there's no way would I give it back.

Sung Jin: Oh wow – umm. Well, I’ve got a really bad relationship with my parents; my sister died and my parents have been very closed since then. We are not close at all. I love them, but it’s weird. They’re back home in Korea and we don’t speak much. But the other day I decided to call them and just be completely honest about how I felt. It was very hard.

That in itself was surprisingly honest.
It was very awkward on the phone – they said nothing! And I couldn’t handle the awkwardness, so I hung up. My mum then texted me saying good luck with your future in London. So yeah.

I'm sorry that happened to you, Sung Jin – you seem like a great guy. Are you OK?
I’m not too bothered; I think it’s a Korean thing. People are very closed off and not very open there. They must think London has changed me.

For better or worse?
Oh, better, I think.

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