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Here Are Some Classic Film Sequences Recreated in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Ever wanted to see the intro to 'True Detective' made using the Rockstar Editor? It's your lucky day.
September 14, 2015, 2:40pm

Still from llachlann's 'True Detective' video (see below)

Because it's Monday and you're probably not working properly yet, here are some more distractions to keep you from that spread sheet that's been open on your screen since a minute past nine this morning.

Firstly, look at this lovely new thing, uploaded yesterday by YouTube user llachlann. It's the introduction to the first season of True Detective—you remember, the good one, the one that people liked, the one that people told you about so then you watched it and then you told your pals that it was great and they should watch it, too; only then the second season came out and took an almighty dump on the reputation established by that first season and now you can't look at a photograph of Vince Vaughn without crying (like you could before, come on now, after that Psycho remake)—but made using the Rockstar Editor mode on Grand Theft Auto V.

Back in June, YouTube user Mitch L (who has also made videos in homage to Blade Runner and The Thing) remade the trailer for No Country for Old Men using the Editor, and look, it's completely great. This treatment was always inevitable, too, given the vanilla GTA V features a whopping great Easter egg based on the Cohen brothers' 2007 movie.

Remember the film adaptation of Watchmen? Wasn't quite all that it could have been, was it—but that intro sequence, set to Dylan's "The Times They Are a-Changing"? Awesome, wasn't it. Now imagine a sequence documenting one man's life, created using the Rockstar Editor, set to the same song (albeit a cover), cut in a very comparable style, and dedicated to its maker's late granddad, who fought in the Vietnam War. And now, imagine no more…

Reservoir Dogs, that's a film. One you've watched. You probably had a poster, or the soundtrack on CD (or taped off a mate), before you ever watched it. We all did. Here, some bright spark has remade the opening moments of Tarantino's breakthrough movie using the Editor, albeit with a bet-you-didn't-see-it-coming twist. Except, you might well have seen it coming. Because it has "dogs" in its title.

Keeping things on an introductory slant, YouTube user El Serp published this Editor-made opening to Popular Television Show House of Cards back in May. I've never actually seen said programme, though, because it's not on Normal Telly, so you'll have to judge its accuracy for yourself.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day was definitely also a film. A very good one, despite the fact that much of it makes no bloody sense whatsoever. And this remake of its Terminator in a truck chasing a boy on a motorbike who is also being pursued by another Terminator on a bigger bike is really quite good, too – and made prior to the Rockstar Editor even being available. Excellent work, John Chapman.

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Did you know that there are also planes in Grand Theft Auto V? And planes mean only one thing: Editor-made videos of jets and motorbikes based on Top Gun. Here's one example, courtesy of denouille. No geese were harmed in the making of this. Probably.

And to finish, as your boss is definitely about to come over, tap you on the shoulder and say, "Hey, Steve, mate, seriously, I know she left you the other night but pull yourself together, man, accounts can't wait until after three for these figures, and you know I'd lean on them if I could," here's something sad. Jackass was more tragedy than comedy, right?

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