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A 17-Year-Old Has Been Added to a List of the World's Most Wanted Terrorists

Aseel Muthana's name was added at the behest of David Cameron, reportedly the first time a government has requested that its own citizens be included on the UN list.
October 1, 2015, 3:05pm
Aseel Muthana. Photo: handout

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A teenager from Cardiff, Wales has been added to a UN banned list of the world's most wanted terrorists at the request of Prime Minister David Cameron. Aseel Muthana, who was 17 when he traveled to Syria in 2014, was hit with the international sanction, along with four other prominent British jihadists. It is reportedly the first time a government has requested that its own citizens be added to the UN banned list in the fight against Islamic State.

Aseel Muthana has boasted of his willingness to "die for the cause" and promoted the jihad lifestyle in media interviews since fleeing Wales last year with his brother Nasser, whose name is also on the list of banned jihadists. The sanction will see Muthana's financial assets frozen and ban him from international travel, meaning the teenager will face deportation should he attempt to leave Syria.

According to Downing Street sources, the group was targeted because they are currently plotting terrorist attacks both in Britain and abroad, and are active recruiters for Islamic State. Other extremists added to the UN list include Sally-Anne Jones, known as "Mrs. Terror"; Omar Hussain, dubbed the Supermarket Jihadi because he worked at Morrisons; Aqsa Hussain, who fled Glasgow two years ago; and Muthana's brother, Nasser.

A senior government official said the "notorious fighters" posed a "real threat" to the innocent public. Speaking of the list, the official stated the ban sends the "very clear signal [that] we will absolutely take action against those people who have gone to fight for Isil and will threaten our country."