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Listen To New Music From ‘No Man’s Sky’, and an Exclusive 65daysofstatic Mini-Mix

The headliners of our Rezzed afterparty deliver a special mix of their music, with previously unheard 'No Man's Sky' material.

65daysofstatic photographed by Danny Payne

The first new music exclusively made for the forthcoming sci-fi epic No Man's Sky has been revealed, and you can hear it below.

"Supermoon" is taken from British instrumental electronically rocking outfit 65daysofstatic's complete score for Hello Games' procedurally generated interstellar adventure, (sub)titled Music for an Infinite Universe. The soundtrack is released via Laced Records on June 17. The game itself comes out for PlayStation 4 and PC on June 21 in the US, and on the 24 in the UK.


Music for an Infinite Universe is almost two years in the making, and came about due to Hello Games' director Sean Murray being a massive fan of its makers' previous material. The album features ten 'proper' tracks of original work, which is fed into the game as it plays alongside a near-limitless array of loops and ambient effects. Says the band of their contribution to one of 2016's most anticipated games:

"Two years of our lives have disappeared into a black hole and we've been spat out into another dimension. The project has pushed us to explore new processes and techniques, to rethink our relationship with our own music, and to essentially soundtrack every thread of a 'choose your own adventure' novel that only exists in our minds. We're really proud of the results." We previously interviewed Paul about the soundtrack, and you can read that revealing interview right here.

Listen to "Supermoon" below, and pre-order the No Man's Sky soundtrack, Music for an Infinite Universe, at Laced Records.

And that's not all for your ears, friends. 65daysofstatic's Paul Wolinski (DJing) headlines VICE Gaming's official EGX Rezzed afterparty, organized alongside the top boys of Joypad, taking place at London's Shoreditch Studios on April 9—that's tomorrow (at the time of writing, anyway). Click here for all the details on our party—tickets are selling super fast, so get in there, if you want in.


And Paul's provided a sweet primer mix for anyone unfamiliar with 65days to date, 25 minutes of career-spanning fare that kicks off with something completely new. It's brief, but it's No Man's Sky, and you won't have heard it before.

Listen to the 65daysofstatic mix below.

Tracklisting for the mix is as follows:

1. "Intro"—previously unreleased
2. "Sleepwalk City"—from the album Wild Light (2013)
3. "Massive Star at the End of its Burning Cycle"—from B-SIDES & RARITIES VOLUME 1: '…THEN WE TAKE JAPAN' (2006)
4. "The Major Cities of the World Are Being Destroyed One by One by the Monsters" (skin of the horse's teeth version)—from the "Don't Go Down to Sorrow" single (2007)
5. "DroneNotDrones"—from the "Taipei" single (2014)
6. "Debutante"—from the album We Were Exploding Anyway (2010)

Once again, 65daysofstatic (DJs) headline VICE Gaming and Joypad's official EGX afterparty, happening on April 9 at Shoreditch Studios, London. This is not a free-entry event; you will need a ticket. There will be loads of ace music, over 1,000 retro games available to play, plus a raft of brand-new indie games to get your hands on, too. Click here for full details.

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