Occasionally, We Like a Game a Little Too Much

Episode 179 of Waypoint Radio is all about our obsessions.
Screen courtesy SimBin

In Episode 179 of Waypoint Radio, Rob, Patrick, and Danielle discuss the games that we may have gotten a little *too* obsessed with. Rob regales everyone with his sim-racing and Max Payne antics, Danielle has over 600 hours in Into the Breach and is not stopping anytime soon, and Patrick has had his share of super-hard platformers to stream to the world. Then we dip in the question bucket and bid the weekend hello.


Discussed: GT Legends, GTR 2, RACE 07, Into the Breach, Spelunky, Max Payne 2, Unity of Command, Killer7, Lost, Destiny, Star Wars, Doom novels, Prey.

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