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Love Drake, Hate Concert Waitlists? Cash App Has a Hack to Get Pre-Sale Tix

Prep the Champagne, Papi: Cash App Card users are getting early access to Drizzy’s pre-sale concert tickets.
Cash App Cash Card Users Can Get Early Access to Drake Pre-Sale Tix
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In ye olden days of buying concert tickets, a little elbow grease could get you anywhere you wanted to go. Radiohead tour? Just wake up at 9 a.m. and jump on the computer in the cafe of your college’s library. Thought you couldn’t score Leonard Cohen tix? Nah—worst case scenario, you might have to wait outside the venue in line for a couple hours before the tickets went live, but you’d basically be guaranteed a killer throne at the show. Today, though, it’s a different story. [Smashes play on “Marvin’s Room”] Good seats? I haven’t heard that name in years.


Luckily, Cash App thinks we can do better. The company is offering early access to pre-sale tickets for Drake’s upcoming "It's All A Blur Tour" that was announced today. The pre-sale starts Wednesday, March 15 and runs until Thursday, March 16 (or until tickets sell out). The only requirement is that you 1) wanna hear “Passionfruit” IRL (and not miles away), and 2) are a Cash App Card user. And if signing up for a Cash App Card is the only difference between singing “I’m Upset” and “HYFR” in the shower tonight, literally why wouldn’t you do it?

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If you’re new to the Cash Card, it’s basically a Visa debit card which can be used to pay for goods and services from your Cash App balance, whether online and or in-store, and possibly get you within breathing distance of Drizzy. We know signing up for new shit is annoying; but this isn’t “save 2% on your next purchase at Target” or “get a free hat at the baseball game.” This is “everybody get your motherfuckin’ roll on”; this is “hold on, we’re going to [a Drake concert].” 

Having awesome seats to a show doesn’t need to be a rich flex—it used to be something us plebs could do, and without breaking the bank. If you’re also frustrated by the Hunger Games energy (them boys up to something) that goes into copping seats for a big-name artist, we feel you. It shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and four years of hard sperm bank work to get Drake tickets—not to mention the fact that you have to win a seemingly totally random lottery to even move past the ticket queue—but here we are, having sired more kids than Nick Cannon just to get floor seats. Cash App said “Enough, fam,” and we’re here for it. 

Anyway, here’s “Sicko Mode,” since our editor, Greg, loves it. See you at the show. 

Sign up for the Cash App Card here.

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