These Guys Hung a Huge Poster of Themselves in a McDonald's for Weeks and No One Noticed

Maravilla said he made the poster when he realized that there were “literally no Asians” in any pictures that were hanging in that restaurant.
Photo via Twitter

It makes us nervous every time we hear about a prank that has gone viral online, because we’re terrified that we’ll click the link and read the words “Logan Paul.” But University of Texas student Jevh Maravilla pwned his local McDonald’s in an incredibly wholesome way—and no one noticed for well over a month.

Over the weekend, Maravilla tweeted that he’d hung a fake poster of himself and his friend, Christian Toledo, on a previously empty wall at McDonald’s and that, after 51 days, it was still watching over unwitting customers as they picked at their Bacon Smokehouse Burgers.


In a YouTube video posted earlier this month, Maravilla said that he’d designed and hung the poster because he’d realized that there were “literally no Asians” in any of the pictures that were already hanging in that restaurant. He and Toledo took a photo of themselves casually eating a McDonald’s burger and fries front of their neighborhood events center, edited it on the Office Depot website, and then waited a week for their $84.99 investment to arrive.

He then scored a McDonald’s shirt for seven bucks at a thrift shop, strapped a walkie-talkie to his belt, and printed a nametag giving him a temporary title as McDonald’s “Regional Interior Coordinator” so he’d look semi-official when he stuck it to the wall. (This dude is good. Like, really good.)

“The poster has been up since,” he said. “Remember folks, all races deserve recognition, and I guess I did my part.”

In his video, Maravilla said that he hopes McDonald’s never takes the poster down—but he told USA Today that it would be “a dream come true” if the company asked the two of them to be “representative models” for future advertisements.

Maravilla’s tweet has over 860,000 likes and a Reddit post about it collected 185,000 upvotes and hit the site’s front page, but not everyone is delighted about it. “Wanna impress me?” one Reddit commenter wrote. “Sneak into a McDonald's and fix the ice cream machine.” What if he does? AND WHAT IF THAT’S HIS NEXT POSTER?