Inmates Take Justice Into Their Own Hands By Welcoming Serial Rapist to Jail With a Beating

An Indonesian inmate who raped his daughter 50 times in the past four years earned himself quite a welcome in prison.
translated by Jade Poa
August 5, 2019, 9:23am
serial rapist
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Sugeng Slamet, 44, who was recently jailed for raping his daughter over 50 times since 2015, received a fitting welcome from his cellmates. Police caught Slamet only when his daughter built up the courage to report him to the police after he took her to a hotel.

On July 30, a day after arriving at a jail in Lumajang, East Java, police found Slamet bloody and bruised with a swollen, unrecognizable face. After finding out why he was sentenced to jail, his fellow cellmates took it upon themselves to deliver a well-deserved beating.

Head of local police Muhammad Arsal claims this rarely happens. Guards patrol every hour and none of them witnessed any abuse, they said. But then again, maybe they were just asleep or happily turned a blind eye…

“It’s possible that in between checks, the other inmates learned of Slamet’s deviant crime and beat him up,” Arsal told Kompas. After the incident, police immediately moved Slamet to an isolated cell.

Beatings in jail are seldom justified, but it’s easy to understand why Slamet’s cellmates got so worked up. Who in their right mind wouldn’t have an adverse reaction when coming face to face with someone who serially raped his daughter?

“He’s a depraved parent. It makes no sense for a father to be so cruel as to rape his own daughter over 50 times since 2015. This shows extreme moral degradation, and we will investigate whether he’s done the same to any other underaged children. We don’t want child predators running around our area,” Arsal told local media.

Slamet is currently facing 15 years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp5 billion (US$350,000).

This article originally appeared on VICE ID.